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When you present a PIPER clinic, master class or solo vibraphone performance, you are offering an experience to your students and audience that is unique in both music and the expression of thoughts and ideas. My experiences are unique to say the least. Beginning with private study with Gary Burton to Music Director in Las Vegas, then performing in the streets of L.A. to designing the PIPER vibraphone that led the way for mallet instrument advancement of today. I've had the pleasure of several published solo vibraphone works as well as numerous educational essays and articles published in Percussive Notes and The Instrumentalist magazines. I've conducted clinics, master classes and solo vibraphone performances at major colleges internationally. In 2007 I took on a new challenge to fulfill a calling to public service and joined the fire service. After nearly a decade of professional firefighting, I took the experience up a notch and in 2015 I served as firefighter/paramedic in Antarctica helping to protect scientists, researchers and infrastructure for the National Science Foundation and the United States Antarctica Program. I will continue to deploy periodically to Antarctica for the next couple of years. 

A PIPER clinic is a pep talk, motivational lecture, a science class, a problems and solutions seminar and a truly unique live musical solo vibraphone experience. 

Sponsorship is NOW available to host a PIPER Clinic, Master Class and Solo Vibraphone Performance for a limited number of engagements through 2015 - 2016 (scroll down for videos).
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You can purchase all PIPER products including my solo vibraphone pieces at - I've shopped there for all my percussion needs for decades!

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These pieces were played using the "John Piper" Medium mallet by Mike Balter Mallets.

Spring Valley Kids


For the best sound - I play a Musser/Piper Vibraphone.

Fall creek marimbas

When playing the vibraphone, I demand that the instrument play its best. That's why I applied the vanderPlas Silicone-Filled Vibraphone Damper Pad - Available from Fall Creek Marimbas. "Fall Creek Marimbas is the place to go for tuning, repairs and refurbishing of mallet instruments."


Welcome to! Please take time to enjoy the videos, audio and browse the site's store.

Some of my most enriching musical experiences were the years I spent performing in the streets of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Pasadena California. This was the beginning of my solo vibraphone career. As time passed, I experienced many successes but I always felt I would eventually return to my roots of Street Performing. I had no idea that the scope of audience would evolve into the vast infinite cyber world that we share today on the Internet. is my Cyber Street and the address of my new base. It's street performing in the modern era. Videos and music for you - on "Cyber Street". Thank you for stopping by.  

Remember: The best way to support the arts is to support artist's work. 

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